Over 63% of cumulative manmade greenhouse gas emissions have been generated by just ninety companies. Fifty of these companies are Investor owned, 31 are State owned, and 9 are Nation state owned.

Six Canadian companies are in the top ninety: Encana, Suncor, Canadian Natural Resources, Talisman, Husky Energy and Nexen.

Data courtesy of Richard Heede, Climate Accountability Institute, climateaccountability.org

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  • The centre (blue) circle represents the total industrial emissions of CO2 and methane (1854-2010)
  • The "empty" (white) segment represents thousands of small fossil fuel and cement producers, or entities no longer extant
  • On the first ring, companies are grouped according to ownership:
    • green are state-owned companies (such as Saudi Aramco and 30 other national oil, gas, and coal companies)
    • blue are 50 investor-owned companies
    • grey are nine extant and former government-owned fossil fuel and cement industries (such as Former Soviet Union, China, Poland, and North Korea)
  • The second ring comprises the individual companies
  • The the outer ring represents the emissions from Product combustion emissions, Cement process emissions, Flaring, own fuel, vented CO2 and Fugitive methane