Annual Provincial and Territorial Emissions

The following map represents the area Canadian provinces would occupy if they are scaled according to their annual emissions in 2014.

Placing the cursor over the province will display the annual emissions (this may not work on devices which do not use a cursor).

Another way of comparing provincial emissions is on a per-capita basis.


This chart illustrates the annual emissions of each Canadian province (2016.) For Alberta we included the emissions that were emitted from the tarsands (oilsands.)

Provincial annual emissions including Albertan tarsands (2016)

These 2 charts are of Canadian Provincial emissions betwen 1990 and 2014. Nunavut's emissions are not included because Nunavut was not separated from the Northwest Territories (NWT) until April 1, 1999 and as a result their emissions were included with those of NWT before 1999.

The following chart illustrates each province's annual emissions as a percentage of their emissions in 1990 (the base year for the Kyoto Accord.)

The table below indicates the percentage increases by province sorted by percentages - from increases (Saskatchewan) to reductions (Yukon).

Province Percentage
SK 167.5
AB 156.2
BC 119.0
MB 115.0
NL 110.2
NB 94.7
ON 93.6
NWT 93.2
QC 92.7
PEI 91.7
NS 83.0
YK 49.9