Reduce your household emissions

One of our members has reduced her household's heating emissions (electricity, heating) to zero by switching to renewable energy generated by Bullfrog Power.

The only source of emissions in her household is water. Currently there isn't a source of zero emissions water available. One option is to reduce the amount of water used (especially with baths or showers) and use a drain water heat recovery system. In some jurisdictions you can use grey water recycling systems.


Wash clothes in cold water, and hang-dry clothes.

Upgrade light bulbs

Upgrade frequently used light bulbs to LED.

Retrofit your home

The City of Toronto has a Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

  • Low interest loans are available to Toronto homeowners who are interested in improving the energy and water efficiency of their home.
  • Through HELP, the City will provide the funding required to complete your improvements and you'll repay the loan over time through installments on your property tax bill. 

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Tips from TreeHugger

Lloyd Alter has written many excellent articles on energy efficiency (

Avoiding air-conditioning

Window shades and awnings