Briefing: Canada Not Running Out of Pipeline Capacity

According to Oil Change International, Canada does not need new pipelines, in spite of repeated misleading claims by the oil industry.

That’s the conclusion of a new Oil Change International (OCI) analysis showing that Canada has ample pipeline Capacity to export all existing and under construction oil production to market from western Canada. The analysis suggests that industry has manipulated its forecasts to perpetuate an ongoing myth of pipeline constraints in order to advocate for unnecessary new pipeline construction.

Sensitivity training - The known unknowns behind climate change forecasting.

Interested in how scientists attempt to predict the amount of temperature increase caused by increases in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere? then you may be interested in this article about climate sensitivity.

A timeline of earth's average temperature

The complete image can be viewed by clicking on it. It's long!

Carbon Budget Spiral

This graphic demonstrates how quickly we are using up the global carbon budget and how close we are to the 1.5 C and 2 C limits.


Crisis is Worse Than We Think & Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk

Democracy Now speaks with Kevin Anderson who has come to the Paris talks with a shocking message: The climate crisis is more severe than even many scientists have acknowledged. He has said many scientists are self-censoring their work to downplay the severity of the climate crisis.

Dangerous Climate Change, Myths & Realities

David Spratt (Climate Code Red, Australia) outlines some of the recent developments in climate science knowledge as a way of discerning the gaps between myth and reality in climate policy-making."