Canada’s GHGs dropping in most sectors except for Alberta oilpatch, says report

Canada’s GHGs dropping in most sectors except for Alberta oilpatch, says report 

OTTAWA — Canada’s annual heat-trapping greenhouse gases continue to level off or decline in most sectors of the economy, outside of Alberta’s oilpatch, says the latest annual inventory report submitted by the Harper government to the United Nations.

Melting icecap puts Europe’s woes in perspective

Climate change skeptics, from the ultra-conservative think tanks to oil company executives, have spent years attacking climate change scientists and politicians who dared to believe that man-made carbon-dioxide emissions were accelerating global warming. The scientists were pilloried if they got the slightest thing wrong. Guess what? The scientists did get one huge thing wrong – they vastly underestimated the rate of the Arctic ice melt.


Is my anger justified?

Imagine this: You are on a cruise ship with your children and grandchildren. You are having a wonderful time sitting on the deck enjoying the scenery drinking a glass of wine (or another favourite beverage.)

You notice in the distance what looks like an iceberg. You mention it to another passenger. She replies “Don’t worry ... if it is serious the captain will change course before it gets near.” You decide not to worry and enjoy your drink.


Submission to Northern Gateway pipeline review panel

Others have eloquently addressed the environmental damage that will be caused by continued extraction from the tar sands. I will not repeat them here, although I believe they are very serious. However, the effects of most of these issues are limited geographically and demographically, whereas the other consequence -- climate change -- is global. I submit the comments that follow to explain why I believe the approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline would increase Canada’s already excessive contribution to global climate change.

Global warming is depressing. Like Conservatives, why not ignore it?

I don't know about you but I can no longer read reports, books or news stories about the devastation being wrought by global warming. How can it help me to learn even more about the apparent apocalypse that has begun to blight my granddaughter's future when those with the power to tackle the crisis refuse to do so? It's an Alice-in-Wonderland world where mighty multi-national corporations and the politicians who represent them neither see nor hear the evidence that civilization as we know it is under siege - from us.