Cumulative manmade greenhouse gas emissions

Over 63% of cumulative manmade greenhouse gas emissions have been generated by just ninety companies. Fifty of these companies are Investor owned, 31 are State owned, and 9 are Nation state owned.

Six Canadian companies are in the top ninety: Encana, Suncor, Canadian Natural Resources, Talisman, Husky Energy and Nexen.

The interactive chart below lists the sources of all man-mde emissions. Click on it to view the main sources of these emissions.


Cumulative ManMade Emissions



Focus on Wellhead rather than Tailpipe emissions

Instead of focusing on the emissions generated at the "tailpipe", perhaps we should work to limit the sources of fossil fuels. Proposals for a fee and dividend carbon pricing mechanism are that a fee be applied at the "wellhead" - where the fossil fuel is extracted or imported. Two different mechanisms can achieve this:

  • Fee and Dividend - would apply a fee at wellhead and return this fee to all households. (Citizens Climate Lobby lobbies for this.)
  • Cap and trade also applies to the wellhead. In many ways, cap and trade is more effective since it caps the emissions the source rather than relying on a fee to encourage the reduction in emissions. A hybrid approach could be effective.

Global Top 10 Greenhouse Gas Emitters

In 2012, the top 10 GHG emitters accounted for more than two thirds of the global emissions total. Find the newest data on global greenhouse gas emissions on the CAIT Climate Data Explorer.

Click on the image below to view the interactive version of the chart.



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